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I am excited to present 30 Days of Fatherhood! 30 Days of Fatherhood will feature 30 fathers, one each day from May 20th to June 18th on a Cleveland fatherhood blog. I am looking for 30 fathers to participate. If you've been thinking about having your portrait taken with you and your child/children; this is the time! You can participate yourself, or nominate someone you love.

I am looking for 30 Fathers to photograph with their children. You will receive the entire Martin Johnson Photography experience from an amazing photo shoot, to your stunning photographs!

Moms we are not leaving you out there will be plenty of time for you to join in and get some great family photos.

Your kids deserve a beautiful photograph with their Dad.
I know what fatherhood looks like. I want to share yours with others. I want to change the way people see fatherhood.


You and I will have a phone consultation to discuss your amazing photography session

Nominate someone you admire to take part too!

You and your child /children have a fabulous experience being the star of your own photoshoot

You receive a free gorgeous 5x7 photograph chosen, edited and delivered by Martin!

You and your amazing photographs will be featured on darrenwcater.com fatherhood blog during the 30 days of Fatherhood in May!

There are only 30 spots! Sign up now!
To sign up send your name and phone number to martin@martinjohnsonphoto.com

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